Top 10 Reasons Senator Charles Grassley Should Retire

You may have missed US Senator Charles Grassley declaring he plans to run for re-election in 2016. Yes, he’s still in office, could be for another 9 years, and you should pay attention to what he says! I guess. So here is our Top 10 Reasons Grassley should not be re-elected:


10. Grassley has been in elected office since 1959, counting back to his time in the Iowa Legislature. That means he has been, in his own words, “living off the public tit” longer than most of the events in John Fogerty’s song “I Saw It On TV.” And for that matter plenty of the events in Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” His political career has been longer – but probably no more accomplished – than Forest Whitaker in that movie “The Butler.”

10(b). He admitted his time in Congress has been “living off the public tit.” I realize you might count that as a repeat, but I felt it was important enough to mention twice.

9. Sur Tax-a-lot.

8. He voted against repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

7. His most recent rating from the Disabled American Veterans was 0%. In fact, his ratings on veterans issues have been mediocre at best for quite a while now, at least partly because as chair of the Senate Finance Committee, he consistently refused to increase spending on veteran’s health carewhile TWO wars were going on. Seriously how do you vote against veterans? More importantly, how do you vote for war and then vote against providing adequate health care to the veterans who were wounded in the wars you just voted for? His only positive ratings on veterans come from the American Legion, mostly because he is in favor of a Constitutional Amendment to ban flag burning. Senator Grassley does know the flag doesn’t actually do the fighting, right?

6. Voted against the Manchin-Toomey background checks amendment. But don’t worry, he’s a “moderate” on guns! His lifetime rating with the firearms promotion group that calls itself the NRA is only 92%!

5. In fact, the only organizations that consistently give Grassley 100% ratings are National Right to Life and various “national security” groups. There’s your campaign slogan: Pro-birth and pro-blowing things up!

4. Other than that, he seems to have a difficult time remembering what he is in favor of and what he isn’t. He voted in favor of end-of-life counseling as recently as 2003, but of course now called it pulling “the plug on Grandma.” He voted in favor of mandatory health insurance coverage in 1993 but of course now its unconstitutional. I could go on. So I will.

3. He co-sponsored the DREAM Act in 2001 but of course in 2011 voted to uphold the “filibuster” of it on the Senate floor. He pulls a full Grassley in his reasoning, here, by combining Tea Party talking points with just enough reasonable objections to the implementation of the bill to give the appearance that he is still thinking for himself.

3b) If you’ve noticed a recurring theme, its because something seems to have happened in Charles Grassley’s mind sometime around 2010, as if he was possessed by some sort of Tea Party body snatcher. The old Grassley still peeks out every now and then to try and reassure you that everything is the way it used to be. Which is even creepier.


Why is he smiling like that? Dear God why?!?

2. He voted against re-authorizing the Violence Against Women Act. Your guess is as good as mine why the hell anyone would do that. Oh wait, he does have an excuse. It is because he objected to a minor provision which even other Republicans say he didn’t understand anyway.

1. He voted against the Continuing Appropriations Act for 2014. Which means he voted in favor of continuing the shutdown and sending our country into default. His excuse:

America needs the President to roll up his sleeves and work with members of Congress to address the long-term fiscal problems of our country.  Our grandkids depend on it.

Look buddy, if you are so concerned about your grandkids and their fellow Millenials, then stand your ass aside and let one of them run for your seat. Because they are old enough. Three whole generations of people are old enough to take your place. “Our grandkids depend on it” is a reason to do something, not an excuse for obstructing everything. Its a reason to tell Ted Cruz to go to hell or Texas, whichever comes first, not to follow him around like a puppy.

William Rock